Marrie Groeneveld Appointed CCO for SkyCell

Marrie Groeneveld Appointed CCO for SkyCell

Marrie Groeneveld has been recently appointed as the new Chief Commercial Officer for Swiss-based SkyCell with the role becoming effective as of February 1st.

The company is a global leader in solutions and services in the temperature-controlled containers sector. SkyCell also apportions a great deal of focus on providing a service to global pharma companies.

SkyCell has shown continued growth and today is the fourth largest container fleet for pharma airfreight, the company continues to expand in a whole host of areas with a special onus on sales.

The new CCO has over 30 years of experience in the healthcare supply chain industry and contract logistics. Marrie Groeneveld has worked with some of the biggest global leaders in logistics including, UPS, DHL, Expeditors and Movianto.

SkyCell CEO, Richard Ettl said this about the new appointment, “Marrie is a natural choice for the new commercial leadership of SkyCell, as he has a proven track record, having worked in both commercial and executive leadership roles with internationally well-known service providers.”

Along with a new CCO the company has also appointed a new head of Global accounts EMEA, Marcus Schubert and Larry Tillem who will hold the role of Global accounts North America.

Further appointments will be made throughout the year as the company continue to expand due to increased customer requests.