Emirates SkyCargo Receives New Certification (2)

Emirates SkyCargo Receives AEO Certification

Emirates SkyCargo was recently awarded membership for the UAE Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) program.  The Federal Customs Authority of the UAE government awarded this new certification after carrying out a detailed validation process with the Dubai Customs authorities.

The AEO program is aimed at increasing efficiency while strengthening the security of the supply chain when transporting goods across borders. With the certification, Emirates SkyCargo will receive several benefits as an Authorized Economic Operator in the UAE including faster cargo processing in Dubai.

The process of validation lasted more than eight months with the company being evaluated on a number of different parameters with a focus being placed on records of historical and actual compliance with UAE Federal Customs Authority and Dubai Customs regulations.

Emirates SkyCargo Receives New Certification (2)

Other deciding factors that were taken into account included the traceability of shipment records, the security of physical infrastructure and the protection against manipulation or tampering of cargo consignments. Emirates SkyCargo AEO compliance will be continually monitored by the Dubai Customs authorities.

Customers will also benefit from the new certification and will experience speedier customs clearance and processing for their cargo in the UAE and other countries who partner Emirates SkyCargo in the AEO program. This applies to all import and export cargo that is in transit. With the new processing times, customers will see a major improvement in delivery times.

Emirates Divisional Senior Vice President for Cargo, Nabil Sultan said, “Emirates SkyCargo is committed to the highest standards of service delivery in meeting the logistics requirements of our customers. For us, the AEO certification is yet another step to ensure that Emirates SkyCargo and Dubai work together to remain at the forefront of the logistics industry as an effective platform for global logistics.”