TIACA Urges Caution and Calls for Significant Further Testing and Common Global Standards on Advance Data for Air Cargo Security Screening

TIACA Bolsters Links With Logistics Community in China

General Vladimir Zubkov, Secretary for TIACA will join with leaders in the global supply chain at the upcoming Air Logistics Development Conference 2018 to be held in the city of in Zhengzhou, China 28th and 29th of March. The main focus of the conference will be ‘Building the Air Silk Road to accelerate the Cross-border E-Commerce’.

Global Industry Connects Consultancy (GICC Group) have organized the conference and exhibition in conjunction with the Henan Airport Group, Asia Pacific Airlines and the Hong Kong Logistics Association. The conference will address the challenges faced and future opportunities from the emerging “One Belt, One Road” program.

Mr. Zubkov said about the conference, “I consider this event as a very important step in establishing a stronger TIACA presence in China, which is developing excellent infrastructure, and has been steadily promoting modern methods and technology for air cargo movement,”

“Zhengzhou is a very important center for generating, distributing, and handling cargo, which in the previous years attracted the attention of such organizations as ICAO, our partner in organizing cargo events.

“The 1st ICAO Air Cargo Development Forum was successful due to this excellent location and support from the local cargo community, and I am sure that the Air Logistics Development conference will generate great interest and contribute to further advancements in China’s air cargo industry.”

Mr. Zubkov will be a keynote speaker at the conference.