Geodis Launches Online Booking and Pricing for Global Air and Ocean Shipments

Geodis Launches Online Booking and Pricing for Global Air and Ocean Shipments

France based Logistics Company GEODIS can now provide both shipment bookings and quotations online via their Intelligent Real-Time Information System (IRIS).

The company has upgraded and enhanced their e-suite to a state-of-the-art level and can now offer a fast user-friendly solution for their customers across the globe. A worldwide rollout of the new system began in February this year; customers of the new system can compare rates of different modes of transport and place shipments with just a few simple clicks.

The full process can be completed in under one minute.

This new digital experience utilizes the latest technology available and is provided across the whole supply chain. The system is available 24 hours a day seven days a week and provides full transparency in real-time on shipment status along with other functions such as shipping documentation, exception reporting, KPI management, label printing and customized reporting including financials.

The IRIS system automates key steps in the booking process in order to make it as simple and efficient as possible, this results in improving the accuracy of the data and reducing the manual working time for both GEODIS operators and their customers.

Executive Vice President for Freight Forwarding at GEODIS, Kim Pedersen states, “IRIS is bringing us into the forefront of digitalization in the freight forwarding industry. It is a constantly evolving, robust and innovative platform that enables our customers to take their supply chain management to the next level, far beyond track & trace”

“More than 20,000 of our customers are using IRIS already today, and it will help them and many more to become more efficient, now and in the future.”

The online booking and quotation feature have already gone live in several countries, including USA, Indonesia, Belgium and Sweden.

GEODIS by introducing this online solution has aided their customers in overcoming their original logistical constraints.