Schiphol Airport Launches Platform Linking Flower Shipment Data and Air Waybill

Schiphol Airport Launches Platform Linking Flower Shipment Data and Air Waybill

Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam is improving their trust and transparency throughout supply chain pertaining to flower shipment data being linked with Air Waybill numbers at the point of origin. This is just one part of their Smart Cargo Mainport Program (SCMP).

The aim of the program is to enable Schiphol Airport to become the Smartest Airport in Europe through increased use of data sharing, with further initiatives including the Holland Flower Alliance Data Sharing Working Group who originally piloted the program.

Data for flower shipments such as the number of flowers, number of boxes and number of flowers and stems contained in each box is directly linked to the Air Waybill by this new portal which will then generate a specific GLN code that allows user’s access to the data on one platform.

The GLN code is made up of an order code and shipment reference that in such a format that it cannot be duplicated and is universally recognised. The GLN code provides visibility from end-to-end allowing each supply chain partner to access using their own internal system.

Schiphol Airport Amsterdam Head of Cargo, Jonas van Stekelenburg said, “Through close collaboration between the floriculture and air cargo sectors, we are now able to link two critical sets of data and increase trust between parties by making that data available to everyone at all times, the new portal uses a unique ‘global standard 1’ code (GLN) combined with an order number. This way the system excludes duplication’s of either order numbers or Air Waybill numbers.”

Panalpina and Kuehne + Nagel are working in conjunction with the Holland Flower Alliance to develop intuitive ways of providing data to the end user.

EVP Air France KLM and Managing Director for Martinair, Marcel de Nooijer said the following, “This unique collaboration by means of SCMP and the Holland Flower Alliance is of great value for the precious supply chain of floriculture cargo,”

“By joining hands, we are really working hard to increase efficiency and quality and to lower costs throughout the whole supply chain.

“The development and launch of this data sharing platform is a real example that we are doing ‘new stuff’ benefiting all stakeholders in the floriculture chain.”

Information Sharing Working Group Project Manager, Koos van der Meij said, “The portal also ensures that only authorized parties to have access to sensitive data, increasing trust and cooperation, and encouraging further collaboration towards common goals.”