Unilode and AirBridgeCargo Extends ULD Management Partnership

Unilode and AirBridgeCargo Extends ULD Management Partnership

Switzerland based Unilode Aviation Solutions, a global leader in Unit Load Device (ULD) management and repair solutions and one of the fastest growing carriers in the world AirBridgeCargo Airlines of Russia have extended their management partnership agreement for ULD’s until the middle of 2023.

AirBridgeCargo operates a fleet of 18 Boeing 747 freighters and is one of Unilode’s biggest customers. Unilode supplies the carrier with 10,000 ULDs from their fleet of around 120,000 ULDs.

The partnership between the two companies began in 2004 and Unilode has continued to support the growth of AirBridgeCargo with management solutions for their ULD service. This mutually beneficial partnership will now be extended for a further 5 years.

CEO for Unilode, Mr. Benoît Dumont said, “AirBridgeCargo is one of the top ten international cargo airlines and we are proud that our long-term partnership with our loyal customer has been extended which proves the value that Unilode’s ULD management solutions add to airlines’ operations. We are committed to expanding our ULD repair and management network, and invest in relevant technology, equipment and digitalization including ULD tracking solutions to help AirBridgeCargo achieve its ambitious growth plans and continue to deliver excellent service to its customers.”

General Director for AirBridgeCargo, Mr. Sergey Lazarev said, “During our tender process we have looked at a number of options offered by ULD management providers and after in-depth review chose Unilode as a supplier that will serve our needs in the best possible way. AirBridgeCargo is pleased to continue its long-term partnership with Unilode that has developed an intimate understanding of our requirements during our 14 years of cooperation and has continuously invested in its ULD fleet to support our airline’s growth since the beginning of our operations. We are confident that Unilode is the right partner for AirBridgeCargo and look forward to our continued partnership.”