Panalpina Strengthens their GDP Certification for Pharmaceuticals

Panalpina Strengthens their GDP Certification for Pharmaceuticals

Panalpina has taken strong initiatives to maintaining product quality and safety of pharmaceuticals in the supply chain. The company has worked tirelessly to exceed the expectations of their global healthcare clients.

Businesses that operate in this particular supply chain must have the Good Distribution Practice (GDP) certification as many pharmaceutical companies require this to ensure all guidelines are met and resulting in the proper distribution of medicinal products for human use.

Panalpina has 70 business units around the world that are GDP-compliant, of which 30 of these are fully GDP-certified.

The GDP certification and quality assurance have strict requirements for the handling, storage and distribution of pharmaceuticals.

Global Head of Industry Vertical Healthcare for Panalpina, Andreas Sahli explains, “With increasingly global supply chains and the emergence of high-value products, there is a heightened demand for strict quality and temperature control measures to ensure the safety and integrity of pharmaceutical products throughout long-distance deliveries,”

He further added, “Stakeholders across the supply chain can rely on us to deliver GDP-compliant transport, storage and distribution solutions worldwide.”

Panalpina has approximately 3,000 GDP-qualified employees and conducts thousands of training programs each year on GDP topics.

Throughout 2018 Panalpina will introduce their own GDP training and continue to qualify their staff, resulting in a more knowledgeable and capable workforce.