Turkish Cargo Releases New Promotional Video

Turkish Cargo, the cargo arm of Turkish Airlines reaching 302 destinations in 121 countries, recently released a new corporate video showcasing the different services the carrier offers.

The video begins by highlighting the carriers hub in Istanbul, Turkey. The centrally located hub is a global connector for destinations around the globe, enabling the carrier to reach the most destinations worldwide, and operating additional direct cargo flights to 85 destinations thanks to their fleet of freighters.

The video then goes on to highlight their select services for products such as automotives, perishables, high-value, pharmaceuticals, live animals, and priority cargo.

In a recent interview Mr. Hüseyin Ceyhan, Cargo Regional Director, Asia Pacific at Turkish Airlines said:

“We are well versed in other special cargo and solutions, but for every shipment, we must take into consideration very specific aspects for each customer. Doing this takes skilled staff to custom make solutions that fit to each specific requirement. The training we provide enables our staff to make a true difference in the level of service that we can offer. This business revolves around our customers, and a Turkish Cargo we will always keep them in the spotlight as our true focus.”