DHL Expands Global e-commerce Fulfillment

DHL Expands Global e-commerce Fulfillment

Global parcel and package delivery giants DHL are now providing online retailers with a worldwide solution for their e-commerce fulfillment needs with the introduction of their new fulfillment platform along with their newly opened fulfillment centers in the Americas, United Kingdom and Southeast Asia.

The company has devised and created their own IT platform that provides seamless access to a network of fulfillment centers, the platform is also integrated with DHL’s shipping capabilities allowing their clients to meet their shipping requirements more efficiently.

This new investment along with the expansion of their fulfillment centers is leading to many benefits for their clients and their global consumers.

CEO of e-commerce – Parcel division at Deutsche Post DHL Group, Jürgen Gerdes said, “Without seamless and reliable logistics processes, the current e-commerce boom would be inconceivable. The physical storage of ordered goods, their picking and packaging, the global shipping and delivery to the end-user’s front door or desired address – we now offer all of this in even more markets and from one single source,”

He further added, “By further internationalizing our fulfillment portfolio we will be able to do even more to help online retailers tap into new regions and benefit from the global e-commerce boom.”

DHL covers major e-commerce markets with their fulfillment centers in the U.S., Mexico, Colombia, Hong Kong, India, Australia, Germany, and now in the United Kingdom and Southeast Asia.

The new platform allows their clients access to all of these important e-commerce regions from a single source.