Etihad Cargo Receives Opticooler from DoKaSch Temperature Solutions (2)

Etihad Cargo Receives Opticooler from DoKaSch Temperature Solutions

German company DoKaSch provider of temperature-controlled air cargo containers and Abu Dhabi-based Etihad Cargo recently signed a master agreement with DoKaSch Opticooler.

Managing Director of DoKaSch Temperature Solutions, Andreas Seitz said, “With Etihad Cargo, we are able to expand our service network for Opticoolers further. All leading airlines of the Middle East are now our partners as they want to offer their clients the most reliable packaging solution to transport highly temperature-sensitive air cargo shipments.”

With this master agreement, Etihad Cargo can now expand their TempCheck cool chain service which offers transportation for temperature controlled pharmaceuticals, their customers can now benefit from leasing the Opticooler container from them directly.

The German designed and manufactured Opticooler keeps pharmaceuticals within their ideal temperature range inside the electric air-conditioned container.

Vice President of Etihad Cargo, Justin Carr said, “Our focus in 2018 is ‘closer customer engagement’ and, by adding additional solutions for the most critical, time- and temperature-sensitive shipments, we are moving in the right direction to cater to our customers’ needs, hand in hand with DoKaSch Temperature Solutions.”

Opticooler is considered to be the most reliable solution on the market due to its very high fail-safety resulting from its redundant components. The container can emulate warehouse climates even if only connected to the power grid occasionally.

With the new agreement in place, Etihad Cargo can ensure that the pharmaceuticals they carry are handled and remain in the pre-determined temperature range set by the customer.

Mr. Carr added, “We offer a specially designed product using the latest equipment, processes and SOPs to keep the cargo’s integrity and make sure it arrives in the quickest possible time adhering to the highest compliance guidelines.”

Along with their cargo hub in Abu Dhabi, the new agreement also enables the Opticooler to be available throughout the entire Etihad Cargo network which spans over 90 destinations in over 50 countries.

Etihad Cargo Receives Opticooler from DoKaSch Temperature Solutions (1)

Etihad Manager Cargo Pharmaceuticals Miguel Rodríguez (left) and DoKaSch CEO Andreas Seitz (right)