e-CMR (electronic consignment note) Launches in Luxembourg

e-CMR Launches in Luxembourg

Camille Gira Secretary of State of the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Infrastructure for Luxembourg recently signed the first electronic consignment note on behalf of Cargolux between the airports of Luxembourg and Amsterdam, Schiphol.

Since March this year Luxembourg has authorized the use of consignment notes for road transport after introducing the UNECE e-CMR protocol addition, the European country is also an active user of the Benelux e-CMR project.

Secretary of State Camille Gira explained, “By using electronic consignment notes, logistics companies and their customers can significantly reduce administrative and environmental costs that relate to the 400 million e-CMR that are issued on an annual basis within the European Community.”

She further added, “In practice, 166.000 trees, 15.000 pallets and 600 trucks of paper CMR can be saved.  Assuming a saving of 4,5 euro for each e-CMR, this would mean an efficiency gain of 1,8 billion of euro for the European Union.”

LuxairCARGO Manager Special Services Cargo, Patrick Silverio highlighted the benefits, “In 2017, the Cargo Center of the airport operated by LuxairCARGO registered about 200.000 CMR.  Document treatment, signing, stamping and archiving are definitively a time-consuming factor, which with the e-CMR will be highly reduced”.

Chief Administration Officer of Arthur Welter, René Gloden was very optimistic about the new changes, “In practice, transport orders are received from our customers in a digital data format and transmitted to the driver.  Consigner, driver and consignees use their smartphones for secure digital signatures. The e-CMR solution of DashDoc, currently establishing its office in Luxembourg, stores all data in a central database that can be accessed by each party.”

Projects Manager and Business Process Management Global Logistics at Cargolux Airlines, Ronny Claes said, “The digital integration of road transport information within our systems will lead to enhanced transparency and visibility for our customers.  An important competitive advantage, not to be neglected”, says Mr. Claes.

Malik Zeniti, Director, Cluster for logistics Luxembourg has a similar view, “This is an important step for the Luxembourg hub allowing a stronger data integration of records driving digitization in the transport and supply chain sector. It positions the Benelux at the head of Europe facilitating movements of goods with electronic consignment notes thus accelerating their acceptance throughout Europe.”