Boeing HorizonX Invests in Morf3D

Boeing HorizonX Invests in Morf3D

The Boeing Company recently announced they had made a substantial investment in Morf3D, a company that specializes in metal-based additive engineering and manufacturing.

The company Morf3D based in El Segundo, California design and create technology that builds stronger and lighter 3D-printed parts for the aerospace sector. The company was established in 2015 and since then has produced 3D-printed aluminum and titanium and parts components for Boeing helicopters and satellites.

Vice President and Manager for Boeing Additive Manufacturing leader and Fabrication for Boeing Commercial Airplanes, Kim Smith said, “Developing standard additive manufacturing processes for aerospace components benefits both companies and empowers us to fully unleash the value of this transformative technology.”

Ivan Madera CEO of Morf3D said, “We are excited to be a distinguished and trusted partner of Boeing’s additive manufacturing supplier base, as we continue to industrialize our processes for the high-rate production of flight-worthy additively manufactured components,”

He further added, “This investment will enable us to increase our engineering staff and expand our technology footprint of EOS M400-4 DMLS systems to better serve the growing demands of our aerospace customers.”

Vice President of Boeing HorizonX, Steve Nordlund said, “As innovative companies continue to revolutionize technologies and methods, we are proud to invest in the rapidly growing and competitive additive manufacturing landscape”

This new investment from Boeing is part of their ongoing strategy to partner with additive manufacturers across the globe. In March of this year, the company along with Norsk Titanium were awarded Aviation Week Laureate Award for Commercial Supplier Innovation, this was a result of their first additively manufactured structural titanium parts on a commercial airplane.

In February this year, Boeing announced a new five-year agreement with Swiss-based Oerlikon for research and development of standard materials and processes for titanium powder bed additive manufacturing.