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KN FreightNet Delivers a Streamlined Online Solution that Makes Placing Airfreight Orders a Snap

The world has quickly come to embrace online ecosystems. In just a few clicks, whatever information or products a person is searching for can be easily found.

While this type of technology has begun slowly entering into the logistics space, few have fully come to enabling the same level of convenience that many consumer facing products have mastered. For the logistics industry, the ability to quickly obtain a quotation, create a booking and track shipments online in seconds is the time-saving and convenient goal that providers should be striving for.

Normally to receive a quotation, customers must go through many processes and wait many days; starting from sending e-mails, to calling and following up. This doesn’t include that if both parties are in different countries and different time-zone the wait could be even longer. However, with online platforms like Kuehne + Nagel’s FreightNet, many of these problems can be solved cleanly and quickly.

Kuehne + Nagel, one of the world’s leading logistics companies, has developed and launched a new integrated online platform which helps customers manage bookings easily. By entering the cargo dimensions, users can quickly receive pricing, quotes, and information. No matter where customers are or where the destination is, with Kuehne + Nagel’s network covering 1,300 locations in over 100 countries, customers can check on status and tracking information using the KN FreightNet portal.

We recently had a chance to speak with Mr. Christoph Steen, General Manager of Airfreight at Kuehne + Nagel Limited Thailand about KN FreightNet, the online platform which is enabling customers like never before to conveniently and smoothly manage their bookings and shipments.

A Better Way

Nowadays, business decisions need to be made quickly, and the traditional method of booking may not be up to snuff. This is where KN FreightNet plays a big role, helping customers to obtain quotations with multiple options allows them the ability to quickly make a decision. The system also enables tracking of the shipment no matter where the cargo goes.

When requesting a booking, customers usually must spend time sending e-mails, waiting for a response and following up just to know the price. This process can be more complicated for big enterprises as well. Sometimes the price received is not all inclusive which means customers have to go through the process again. Even worse, when receiving quotes from different suppliers the formatting can be different making it difficult to compare the final all in cost. Speaking with Mr. Steen, he explained how KN FreightNet is the answer to many of these woes.

“Our website is a single portal for customers. Starting from quotation, to booking and tracking shipments; customers can access just one platform and receive all information they would like to know. It’s easy and intuitive to use. Currently, it’s available for airfreight and LCL shipments.”

“To use the service, first customers need to simply create an account, then insert the origin and destination of shipments with the zip code, the date estimated for shipments to arrive by and the dimension of the cargo. After submission, the system will automatically calculate the rate. We provide different types of shipping, from door-to-door, airport-to-door, door-to-airport, or anything that customers would like. With our global network of over 85,000 possible lanes, we get customers shipments where they need to go, when they need it.”


Mr. Christoph Steen

Apart from ease of use, KN FreightNet is also giving customers full transparency on shipping costs. Everything is included; they bill exactly as quoted. “Customers can rest assured that there is no hidden cost. The price we bill is the price shown on the webpage; there will be no surprise costs later. The total cost includes tax and security surcharges. With the transparency of the price, the customers can control their logistics costs more effectively. This helps fix problems that can occur with many companies that sometimes find out later that the price they see does not included destination charges or the land transportation charges. The price keeps changing and they are unable to control the cost. For some companies, this means you have to run the whole process over again to receive quotes. The all-inclusive price on KN FreightNet is a simple solution to their problems; everything is included,” explained Mr. Steen.

On KN FreightNet, customers also have options of how fast they would like to ship. Mr. Steen said that, “We have three different models to suit customer needs. We have KNExpress, which transports cargo with the fastest transit time. This enables customers to plan and monitor the entire shipment cycle and includes carrier’s prime express products as well. The transit time is within 1 to 3 days. The second option is KNExpert, air premium. This is the regular option for customers with a direct flight used where possible with a fair price, dedicated pick-up and delivery service. The transit time is around 3 to 5 days. Finally, the last option is KNExtend, which is an economy choice. This is suitable for customers who are not in a rush and enables them to save money on transportation costs. The transit time will be around 6 to 15 days. However, these options apply only to commodity cargo now. For more complicated and sensitive cargo like DG and controlled temperature, they required more dedicated and sensitive handling and require a more customized quote.”

Mr. Steen also noted that to receive an instant pricing or to place an automated booking the maximum size per piece is 304x230x160 cm with a maximum chargeable weight of 6,804 kg. For oversized cargo, temperature controlled and dangerous goods, which required strict and complicated handling regulation and manuals, he suggests customers to contact K+N local operators to ensure proper handling and managment of sensitive cargo.

Suitable for ALL Sizes of Companies

No matter the size of company or the number of shipments, KN FreightNet is ready to receive all customer inquiries. “Our portal is designed to be used by businesses of all sizes. We have customers who ship one load per year and some customers who ship thousands of shipments per year, so there is no limitation or a minimum number of shipments. We’re here to serve every type of customer.”

Mr. Steen demonstrated that, “For small companies, we understand the challenges that they face. Their logistics department usually have limited resources, with sometimes only one or two people that must deal with and manage different types of bookings. Documents may come in different forms and they have to do everything in a limited amount of time. KN FreightNet can help them to better manage their bookings, reducing human errors that might occur. On the other hand, for the large enterprise that have many bookings, they have a form which they can upload to our website and the information can be accessed and transferred. The platform also saves the information online, so customers don’t have to re-type information and can easily click and choose the saved information, helping to reduce time on repetitive tasks.”

With the trend of e-Commerce in the recent years, Kuehne + Nagel believes that this platform is a key tool to help businesses to keep their competitive edge. “With the emergence of e-Commerce, there’s competition that wasn’t there before. Everyone is looking for a way to reduce costs utilizing optimization, lean management, and lean processes to lower production costs. All of this is driven by e-Commerce. For Thailand, this trend might not yet be fully in bloom, but it is quickly coming. It’s obvious to see that people in Thailand are becoming more active on e-Commerce, with online shopping and online bookings becoming more popular. It’s all one click away. That’s an essential part that our tool can do to support customers, enabling them to optimize their processes to have full visibility,” Mr. Steen added.

Keep Improving

For customers who are comfortable doing things the traditional way, Kuehne + Nagel still have their teams in place to support traditional quotation and bookings. Mr. Steen said that, “Having KN FreightNet doesn’t mean that we will no longer receive a call or fax from customers. Customers can feel free to contact us whichever way they prefer. KN FreightNet is a viable choice for customers and has been online for four years now. It is available in almost every country in our network, and our teams are still developing the platform constantly. For instance, our website now allows us to do cross-rates, which will help and ease users looking to use our system. Giving customers information they are looking for as quickly as possible is the idea. Nowadays, time is critical, and decision needs to be made quickly. To make comparison and buying decisions easier, KN FreightNet is an important tool and will continue to be in the future.”

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