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DHL Launches Second Around-The-World Schedule Connecting Asia with Europe and the US

DHL Global Forwarding recently announced the launch of their second around-the-world scheduled flight which will connect Asia, Europe and the US.

A Boeing 747-400F will operate a South Korea-China-Europe-China service twice a week, along with transpacific Eastbound and Westbound flights.

This second schedule was added in response to the ever-increasing demand for air freight capacity, mainly for outbound services from Asia and on the very busy transpacific route.

The bi-weekly scheduled flights will have a capacity of more than 100 tons and will provide reliable and significant capacity on the popular transpacific route from Shanghai, China to Cincinnati, the USA from where it continues to Incheon, South Korea. Following which, it will connect Incheon, South Korea with Wuxi, China and continue on to Frankfurt-Hahn in West Germany, before returning to Shanghai, China. The service will depart twice per week at each airport.

CEO of DHL Global Forwarding Asia Pacific, Kelvin Leung said, “We have been seeing an increasing demand for air freight capacities on Asian routes. China remains the largest global trading partner of South Korea, Germany and the USA, with China becoming the second nation to top US$600 billion in a trade with the USA in 20173. China is Germany’s largest source of import at US$120 billion and its third largest export market at US$105 billion. For South Korea, China is its top import and export country, accounting for close to 25% of its global trade in 2017”

Mr. Leung further added, “To facilitate timely and safe movement of goods between the countries, efficient and reliable logistics infrastructure and services are key. The new scheduled flights will streamline the transportation process, thereby optimizing our customers’ supply chains and improving their products’ time to market in today’s highly competitive business environment.”