AirBridgeCargo Delivers Chinese Project Cargo with Ease

AirBridgeCargo Delivers Chinese Project Cargo with Ease

One of the world’s leading international cargo carriers AirBridgeCargo Airlines recently displayed their expertise in the super-heavy and oversized cargoes transportation sector. The airline successfully delivered 22-meter pipes for a solar energy project using one of their Boeing 747 freighters. The project was carried out on behalf of Neele-Vat Air B.V. in Europe.

The cargo consisting of eight crates weighing approximately 20,000 kg were loaded using two cranes via the open nose swing door of the 747 in Amsterdam. All cargo was firmly lashed and secured in preparation for the flight to the final destination, Zhengzhou in China.

AirBridgeCargo Airlines General Director, Sergey Lazarev stated, “With only a few cargo carriers in the world able to provide a nose-door loading option for very long and out-of-gauge shipments, we are proud to have been chosen for this project, which acknowledges our proven expertise in performing technically challenging and complex deliveries. Our abcXL service is the result of the strong internal support and the alignment of the company’s procedures, the reinforcement of our commercial and operational teams, and the management of our service quality with the launch of our 24/7 Control Tower. All of these efforts reflect our commitment to continually improving our product offering to meet the needs of our global customers.”

Neele-Vat Air General Manager, Ed Roest acknowledged the expertise shown, “AirBridgeCargo is our reliable partner for oversized airfreight shipments.”

AirBridgeCargo has seen an 18% year-on-year increase over the first three months of 2018 in the number of oversized cargoes being loaded through the swing nose door of their 747 freighter fleet.