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Freightzen Logistics Launches New Website

Freightzen Logistics has officially unveiled their new website at www.freightzenlogistics.com

Freightzen Logistics is an up and coming freight forwarder based out of Bangkok whose story begins with the founder of the company, Mr. Jimmy Jensen; a veteran of the industry with more than 23 years of experience. He says his deep understanding of the workings of the industry and the underpinnings of what drives customer satisfaction he says is what led him to opening his own company focused on customer centric services.

Mr. Jensen says, “Our goal is to offer a full range of international freight forwarding and logistics services. Along with a network of reliable partners we can offer full-service customized freight solutions to clients worldwide. While offering a full suite of solutions is important, we keep the customer in focus as our priority. We believe in our clients as partners; their success is our success. Working alongside customers with personalized, consistent and attentive service is a core tenant of what we aim to provide.”

Mr. Jimmy Jensen, a Thai-Danish national with over 23 years’ experience in global forwarding and logistics, leads a management team dedicated to offering logistics solutions by all modes of transportation. Operations staff are solidly trained in all handling procedures and with a pro-active mindset. Combined with a strategic location in Bangkok, Freightzen Logistics offers more than 100 flights connections per day by air, worldwide reach by sea and cross border deliveries to Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, Malaysia and Singapore.

Find out more about Mr. Jensen and his new start-up by visiting their freshly launched website at www.freightzenlogistics.com