Turkish Cargo Transport Three Young Giraffes to Iran

Turkish Cargo Transport Three Young Giraffes to Iran

One of the world’s fastest-growing air cargo carriers, Turkish Cargo recently undertook a very special relocation project of three young Giraffes from Johannesburg in South Africa to the Iranian capital of Tehran.

During the whole transportation, the Giraffes were accompanied by their keepers, veterinarians along with personnel from Turkish Cargo who are certified with International Air Transport Association – Live Animals Regulations.

This is not the first live animal transportation, in recent months Turkish Cargo has executed many projects:

  • 10 Giraffes to Bangladesh
  • 4 Elephants to the United Arab Emirates
  • 3 monkeys from the Democratic Republic of the Congo to Ukraine
  • 10 lions, 7 of which were cubs, from Johannesburg to Pakistan

Turkish Cargo is a popular choice for this type of transport project due to their ability to recreate the animal’s natural habitat aboard the aircraft.

The airline is meticulous in their preparation and undertakes all acceptance, storage and shipment processes, along with all the necessary documentation that is required for a special project like this, and strictly adheres to the rules and guidelines set out by the IATA – Live Animals Regulations.