Turkish Cargo Announces Record Growth in 2018

Turkish Cargo Announces Record Growth in 2018

One of the world’s fastest growing air cargo carriers Turkish Cargo recently announced a growth rate of 30% for the months of January to May 2018. This growth is seven times more than the market itself according to figures released by the World Air Cargo Market. The current market is performing at 4.3% growth rate.

This massive difference is due in part to the global network that Turkish Cargo offers, reaching 307 destinations in 122 countries. These new figures and outstanding performance have helped Turkish Cargo to rank 8th among world’s leading air cargo carriers of WACD.

Due to the geographical advantages that Turkey provides, the air cargo carrier can continue to enhance their wide range of services and operational capabilities resulting in a higher quality service to the customers.

The airline has been very active in recent weeks transporting a very delicate cargo of young Giraffes to Iran, to add to their growing list of successful live animal transportation projects. Represents from the company were also in attendance at the recent IFTEX Floriculture Exhibition in Nairobi, Kenya. Turkish Cargo provides a bespoke logistics solution for the Kenyan flower industry operating flights to 53 destinations worldwide thanks to their extensive fleet and flight network.

And finally, the airline has been boosting the Turkish Cherries Industry as it shipped over 600 tonnes of the popular fruit to Oslo in Norway. Due to the efficiency provided by Turkish Cargo, the shelf life of the Turkish Cherry is significantly extended as well as opening up new markets in other countries.