Airbus to Partner GISTDA in Thailand for Geo-Information System Development.

Airbus to Partner with GISTDA in Thailand for Geo-Information System Development

European Aeronautics Company Airbus, has been selected by The Geo-Informatics and Space Technology Development Agency of Thailand (GISTDA) to become their partner in the development of their next-generation national geo-information system.

Under the agreements in the contract engineers from Thailand will be involved in a comprehensive capacity building programme for the development of two Earth observation satellites: a very high-resolution and a small satellite system an integrated geo-information system and ground segment.

Airbus subsidiary SSTL will assemble a small satellite system that will be tested in-country by Thai engineers to deliver technology transfer and will also involve local suppliers. To complement this programme an extensive training scheme using the expertise of Airbus in geo-intelligence, will further develop the geospatial industry in Thailand.

GISTDA Executive Director, Dr. Anond Snidvongs said, “We are very pleased to be working with Airbus to jointly develop an innovative end-to-end geo-information platform that will become a national centre of excellence.”

He further added,

“The platform will host and exploit multi-source data in an interoperative and integrated manner. The resulting insights will be key sources of information for Thai leaders and will help them deliver Actionable Intelligence Policy (API): tools for area-based management and decision-making, many users will access the system, from policy-makers to local users. Ultimately, THEOS-2 will be leveraged to develop Thailand national skills in the whole Space value chain.”

Head of Space Systems at Airbus, Nicolas Chamussy said, Being selected by GISTDA for the THEOS-2 programme, Airbus is continuing the successful relationship developed with THEOS-1, and we are of course very honoured by GISTDA’s continued confidence in us.”

Mr. Chamussy ended with, “With our unrivaled expertise across the entire Earth observation value chain, we are in an excellent position to support an ambitious and determined organisation like GISTDA to establish an all-encompassing geo-information system for the benefit of the Kingdom of Thailand.”