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Turkish Cargo Launches New Flights to Kigali and Muscat

Turkish Cargo recently announced that Kigali, the capital of Rwanda, and Muscat, the capital of Oman, will be added to their direct cargo flights network. Following the launch of these new cargo flights, Turkish Cargo has increased the number of their cargo flights destinations to 85.

Kigali stands out by being a substantial import and export point for destinations such Johannesburg, the metropolitan city of the South Africa. Turkish Cargo says they are planning to operate the flights to Kigali with A330-200F freighters with their Entebbe (Uganda) line*, with the goal of launching substantial a exports / imports line across the region.

Muscat has always played an an important part for the import market in Turkey, Europe, the Far East and America. Turkish Cargo says they have combined the flights to the South Asia**, resulting in a more effective cargo flight line. The above-mentioned flights will be operated by means of the A330-200F freighter.

Reaching the entire world thanks to its extensive flight network covering 122 countries and more than 300 destinations, Turkish Cargo has been achieving sustainable growth with its infrastructure, operational capabilities, fleet and team of leading experts.

* İstanbul (IST)- Kigali (KGL)– Entebbe (EBB)- İstanbul (IST)
** İstanbul (IST)- Maskat (MCT)- Hanoi (HAN)- Yeni Delhi (DEL)- İstanbul (IST)