Turkish Cargo Awarded Authorized Economic Operator Certification

Turkish Cargo Awarded Authorized Economic Operator Certification

One of the world’s fastest growing Air Cargo carriers, Turkish Cargo were recently awarded the “Authorized Economic Operator (AEO)” certification. The AEO certificate allows companies to trade operations in a more timely and cost-effective manner on the international stage.

Turkish Cargo has repeatedly proved their efficiency resulting from their growth rate, attention to detail regarding operational processes coupled with their economic power and sense of perfectionism. They are the first air cargo carrier to take advantage of the AEO certificate in Turkey.

With this new certification, Turkish Cargo can continue to further enhance their performance and unrivalled customer service.

The Authorized Economic Operator certificate will allow Turkish Cargo to:

  • Gain a substantial advantage due to an increased brand presence and awareness
  • To execute faster shipments in the countries covered under the Agreement
  • Increase their competitiveness due to the faster shipments and cost reductions
  • Launch a new interactive dimension with their suppliers
  • Minimize lost working hours due to on-site customs clearance
  • Finalize processes quicker when reaching into new markets.

Turkish Cargo can further support their customers with bespoke solutions for logistics projects as a result of the Authorized Economic Operator Certificate. This certification will also help them achieve their 2023 targets as they continue to develop their regional trade operations.