Frankfurt Animal Lounge Celebrates 10 Years of Operation

Frankfurt Animal Lounge Celebrates 10 Years of Operation

Ten years ago one of Europe’s largest animal station opened their doors at Frankfurt Airport in Germany. Over these years Lufthansa Cargo has successfully managed one of the world’s largest and state-of-the-art animal stations.

COO and Board Member Operations for Lufthansa Cargo, Sören Stark said, “Special thanks are due to our customers, who have remained loyal to us for many years”, Mr. Stark further added, “Our highly trained employees, who provide for our animal guests every day with an incredible amount of dedication, passion and experience, are crucial to the excellent reputation of the Frankfurt Animal Lounge.”

During the last ten years over one billion animals have been housed, frequent visitors to the facility include ornamental fish, with some 80 million of these swimming through every year. Senior Director of Handling Specials at Lufthansa Cargo, Jörg Bodenröder explained about the history of the Animal Lounge, “Many exotic species have already flown with us. From giraffes and hippopotamuses through to Mesopotamian fallow deer, Lufthansa has reliably risen to every logistical challenge to date. Of course, special memories include famous guests such as the two pandas Meng Meng and Jiao Qing sent by China’s President Xi Jingping to German Chancellor Angela Merkel as special animal envoys in 2017.”

Horses are well catered for in the animal lounge due to the 42 large animal stalls with up to 28 square meters of space on the ground for some 2,000 animals that pass through each year, while new, premium-quality horse containers are used for transportation by air.

Approximately 15,000 dogs and cats each year are another frequent visitor to the facility and are housed in 39 small animal boxes. Cats are treated to three separate quiet zones to choose from when they wish to ‘get away from it all’.

The Frankfurt Animal Lounge houses everything under one roof, handling, animal coordination and veterinary services are all contained at the 4,000m2 building. The animal station employs 50 full-time employees along with qualified animal caretakers who provide care 24/7.