Emirates SkyCargo Make Significant Contribution to Sri Lankan Exports

Emirates SkyCargo Make Significant Contribution to Sri Lankan Exports

Freight division of Emirates Airlines, Emirates SkyCargo recently reported they had transported close to a quarter of Sri Lanka’s total air exports in 2017-18.

From fresh fish to delicate flowers, many of Sri Lanka’s exports are tasty, fragrant or colorful and must arrive at their final destination in perfect condition in a timely manner.

The Colombo office of Emirates Airlines released figures that showed their freight division transported 27,000 tonnes of cargo from Colombo in 2017-18, this is 23% of all the goods exported from the island by air in the same year.

Emirates SkyCargo is one of the main carriers of Sri Lanka’s trade commodities due to their schedule of 28 flights from and to Colombo each week, along with the capacity to carry close to 20 tons of cargo in the belly hold of each Boeing 777 aircraft.

Emirates SkyCargo provides bespoke air transport solutions with their ‘Emirates Fresh’ service. Emirates Fresh ensures the perishable goods being transported retain their freshness, the service is backed with their state-of-the-art cool chain facility at their Dubai Hu and their modern fleet of over 270 aircraft.

Emirates Cargo Manager for Sri Lanka & Maldives, Kapila Santhapriya said, “In 2017-18, Emirates SkyCargo carried more than 7,500 tonnes of fish, which is about 40 per cent of the 17,500 tonnes of edible fish that Sri Lanka exported to USA and Europe,” He further added, “Our flight frequencies and our global network reach from Colombo support the local fish and seafood exports industry.”

Fish exports from Sri Lanka transported by Emirates SkyCargo include crabs, lobsters, prawns, shrimps and Tuna. It is estimated that US$ 250 million of fish are exported from Sri Lanka each year. Emirates SkyCargo also shipped close to 5,000 tonnes of fruits and vegetables from the island last year, delivering them to markets across the world including the Maldives, United Kingdom, Italy, France, Germany, Switzerland and Seychelles.

Emirates SkyCargo provides extensive cool chain facilities at their Emirates SkyCentral terminals in Dubai for the transport of temperature-critical goods such as pharmaceuticals and perishables.