CargoLogicAir Transport Elite Racing Horses across the Atlantic

CargoLogicAir Transport Elite Racing Horses across the Atlantic

CargoLogicAir, the British all-cargo airline and the U.K.s only main-deck cargo airline, recently showed their expertise in live animal transportation when the flew elite racehorses from the United States to Europe aboard two Boeing 747 freighter flights.

The transportation project carried out at the end of October followed the air cargo carrier being awarded a United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) licence.

During each transportation grooms for the horses were in attendance throughout the flights and, all procedures were completed in compliance with IATA’s Live Animals Regulations. CargoLogicAir ensured each of the horses arrived at their destinations fit and healthy.

The Equine Agent for Intradco Global, one of the two customers, Dane Riecker said, “We were glad to see our partnership with equine charters is thriving. The growing fleet and reliability of CargoLogicAir mean we have a good long-term partner for future horse movements, and we are looking forward to some exciting projects in 2019.”

Horse America Director Flight Operations, Scarlette Gotwals noted, “We were very pleased with your service and the willingness of your ground handlers to work with the horses. We especially appreciated your knowledge and professionalism setting up this first horse flight for CLA. We look forward to working together with your team on future flights.”

CargoLogicAir CEO, David Kerr commented, “When we perform live cargo transportations such as deliveries of high-value bloodstock, our prime focus is to guarantee the safety, comfort and well-being of the animals. Live cargo transportation is one of CLA’s key areas of expertise and has been one of our fastest-growing sectors in 2018. Gaining our USDA licence reflects the quality of service we provide and represents another important milestone for us because it enables CargoLogicAir to connect the biggest horse markets in the world between the UK, Europe and the US. This increases our ability to meet the needs of our cargo customers in this market segment and will open up new business opportunities for us.”