Turkish Cargo Broadens its QEP Accreditation Network

Turkish Cargo recently announced an increase to the number of QEP (Qualified Envirotainer Provider) accredited stations, which the carrier says demonstrates their commitment to providing quality services for the transportation of pharmaceutical products.

The 15 new QEP accredited stations include Helsinki, Taipei, Vienna, Kuwait, Maastricht, Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo, Tokyo, Chicago, Madrid, Cairo, Roma, Dusseldorf , Budapest, and San Francisco.

Envirotainer, a company providing pharma-protective technological solutions, increased the number of its accredited stations to 38. The flag carrier air cargo brand has just presented its reliability in terms of handling of the Envirotainer containers and cold chain shipments, once more.

The containers of Envirotainer, which is an active temperature-controlled containers, demonstrate the achievement and reliability of Turkish Cargo in cold chain shipments. The successful air cargo brand, which has been granted with the IATA (CEIV) Center of Excellence for Independent Validators (achievement of excellence in air cargo pharmaceuticals transportation cold chain) award in Istanbul Hub in 2016, has previously received the QEP accreditation for the most notable stations of the aviation market such as Frankfurt, Mumbai, Istanbul, Brussels and Atlanta.

With their tailored products, Turkish Cargo is continuing to generate consignments for pharmaceuticals and medical supplies. Turkish Cargo offers air cargo service to more than 300 destinations around the world, thanks to their extensive flight network. Turkish Cargo continues to provide the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world with the shipment quality of the Envirotrainer containers it has been using since 2015.