Volga Dnepr Perform Sequential Loading to Reduce Ground Handling Time by Six Hours

Volga Dnepr Perform Sequential Loading to Reduce Ground Handling Time by Six Hours

One of the world’s leading air cargo transportation companies for the movements of oversized and super heavy cargo, Volga Dnepr Airlines recently performed a unique delivery involving the sequential loading of two of their IL-76TD-90VD freighters.

Specialized teams from Volga Dnepr took advantage of the airline’s unique technology and bespoke loading equipment to complete the loading of both freighters using an extension ramp to ensure a significantly reduced loading time.

The shipment of sensitive equipment bound for two cities in China weighed approximately 21 tonnes, with both charters originating in Orebro, Sweden.

As both flights were operating from the same airport the teams at Volga Dnepr were able to accelerate the delivery time by organizing sequential loading procedures involving aircraft towing negating the dismantling of the ramp between flights. The teams consolidated timing the loading/offloading with airport authorities and the customer’s representatives, obtaining flight permits for overflown countries, coordinating the aircraft arrival time, and ensuring availability of a mobile crane, pushback tugs and loading equipment, all of this resulted in a substantial reduction of handling time.

Deputy Commercial Director for Volga Dnepr Charter Cargo Operations, Ekaterina Andreeva explained about the loading procedures, “The sequential loading procedures applied for these charters demonstrates our commitment to share the corporate values of all companies we are working with and their desire to improve and develop further to support their customers worldwide. The promptness of actions, expertise and dedicated knowledge of our experienced specialists facilitated the smooth operation of these flights. Our young, while at the same time, properly skilled specialists will keep on delivering logistics solutions, based on previous experience, with a fresh touch adjusted to the needs of our customers.”

Along with the efficiency shown from the teams at Volga Dnepr, the project also benefitted from the proximity of their operating base in Leipzig, Germany, where essential equipment for loading is stored.