B&H Worldwide Establish a Second Control Tower at Singapore Facility

B&H Worldwide Establish a Second Control Tower at Singapore Facility

Award-winning aerospace logistics provider UK-based B&H Worldwide recently established a second Control Tower at their state-of-the-art climate-controlled facility at Changi Airport in Singapore.

The new Control Tower will aid the growth of Singapore as they continue to become one of the fastest growing aerospace markets in the world with connections to the Far East and Oceania from their hub.

The new tower is strategically located at Changi Airport within the ALPS Free Trade Zone and provides an innovative and integrated information hub that will enable their staff to proactively monitor and manage customer shipments 24 hours a day, 365 days a week along with having the ability to provide live updates and full visibility.

The need for the new tower was a result of the recent business growth around the world and ensures B&H Worldwide can maintain their high standards of operational excellence. The tower became fully operational in January 2019.

Group CEO of the B&H Worldwide Group, Stuart Allen said, “This new initiative is an exciting start to 2019 and will give customers operating across multiple time-zones even greater confidence in our services.  All our global solutions are underpinned by cutting edge IT and state of the art facilities and the new Control Tower will enable our highly trained teams to maintain robust operating procedures”