HACTL Receive IATA CEIV Fresh Accreditation

HACTL Receive IATA CEIV Fresh Accreditation

Hong Kong Air Cargo Terminals Limited, commonly known as HACTL, is one of the first two cargo handling agents in the world to achieve the new IATA CEIV Fresh accreditation.

The cargo handler received the prestigious award at the recent IATA World Cargo Symposium in Singapore.

Employees from HACTL underwent training by IATA in November in preparation for IATA CEIV Fresh with the company making several refinements to its terminal and processes. In December 2018 and January 2019 Assessment and validation was carried out.

Modelled on Hactl’s highly-successful “Golden Route”, the company has devised and implemented a new fast-track “Fresh Lane” through their handling processes. This new addition creates an organized and structured journey through their facility, minimizing unloading times for perishable cargo.

Senior Manager for Safety, Sustainability and Quality Assurance at HACTL, Benny Siu said, “The IATA training was an excellent starting point to ensure we understood the standard, and it gave us the opportunity to raise our own questions after reading the IATA PCR and IATA CEIV Fresh Audit Checklist. This enabled us to make a prompt start on the certification process.

“With CEIV Fresh, you have to forget the many years for which you may have handled perishable cargo: it’s a hurdle if you think in this way. What we have done with CEIV Fresh is to further enhance our existing high standards through careful self-scrutiny, detailed planning, and making modifications where required.”

Chief Executive of HACTL, Wilson Kwong added, “Certification such as CEIV Fresh is very useful to benchmark the quality and standard of an organization, and Hactl applauds both IATA’s initiative in driving the adoption of CEIV Fresh throughout the industry and HKIA’s leadership of this project in Hong Kong. We urge all air cargo businesses to join this movement towards uniformity, which will create higher service standards for perishables handling across the industry.”