IATA CEIV Pharma Certification Awarded to DACHSER India

IATA CEIV Pharma Certification Awarded to DACHSER India

The Mumbai and Hyderabad branches of DACHSER India were recently awarded the prestigious CEIV Pharma certification from the International Airport Transport Association (IATA). The certification is in recognition of the company’s excellence in transporting Life Science and Healthcare (LSH) products.

This is a major milestone for DACHSER India as only a very small amount of companies are currently accredited in the country.

The Center of Excellence for Independent Validators in Pharmaceutical Logistics (CEIV Pharma) certification is a globally recognized certificate that acknowledges companies who excel in transporting Life Science and Healthcare (LSH) products.

IATA Regional Director for Airports and External Relations, Asia-Pacific, Vinoop Goel said, “Congratulations to DACHSER India on their CEIV Pharma certification. The time and temperature sensitive nature of pharmaceutical products mean the highest standards are needed to make sure product integrity is maintained for such shipments. With India being a major supplier of pharmaceutical products, DACHSER India’s CEIV Pharma certification will give pharmaceutical companies confidence and assurance that their cold-chain logistics requirements are being met.”

DACHSER Managing Director, Air & Sea Logistics for the Indian Subcontinent, Huned Gandhi said, “Obtaining the CEIV Pharma certification is an important milestone for DACHSER India. It emphasizes our continued focus for providing highly reliable logistic services to our valued customers in the LSH segment.”

Mr. Gandhi continued, “Quality and efficiency have always been the cornerstones for our success, and our teams are extremely proud to receive this accreditation from IATA.”

DACHSER Head of Air Freight, Air & Sea Logistics India Subcontinent, Zarksis Munshi concluded with, “By way of CEIV certification at our Mumbai and Hyderabad branches, DACHSER India has made a big step forward to enhance further its operational and technical competencies in serving our LSH customers.”