European Airports Launch Carbon Neutral Plan by 2050

A total of 193 European airports across 24 countries have co-signed an agreement to committing to reducing CO2 emissions under their control to 0 (‘net zero’) by 2050.

Thomas Woldbye, CEO Copenhagen Airport, said: “It is essential to CPH that there is now agreement at European level to live up to the Paris Accord. We launched our own climate strategy earlier in the year outlining the vision that the entire airport is emission-free by 2050. I am very satisfied to see that the parties now agree to pursue the same goal at European level. As an international airport, we operate in an international market, meaning that it does not suffice to devise ambitious climate objectives locally in Denmark. Committed international collaboration is, therefore, absolutely essential.”

CPH itself controls approximately seven percent of total CO2 emissions from the airport. The remaining approximately 93 percent relate to aircraft, transportation to and from the airport and the consumption of other partners in and around the airport.

“Our ambitions go beyond our own emissions. An important element of our climate strategy is therefore to join strategic partnerships related to future aviation climate solutions,” the CEO states.

Copenhagen Airport says they also plan to be a CO2-neutral airport in 2019. This has already been realized by means of continued targeted efforts to reduce the emissions which CPH controls (i.e. energy and fuel consumption and staff business trips) and the implementation of climate compensation to neutralize CPH’s residual emissions by supporting projects, both in Denmark and other countries, which reduce CO2.

By 2030, CPH aims to be an emission-free airport with emission-free transport to and from the airport. This will be realized partly by CPH’s investment into solar panel systems and support of green conversion of land transport by improving the charging infrastructure for electric vehicles within the airport area.

The entire airport will be emission-free by 2050. CPH will be entirely free of CO2 emissions from the airport itself, air traffic, companies operating in the airport and land traffic to and from the airport. This will be realized by means of strategic partnerships across the aviation industry, decision-makers and researchers, aiming at greater availability of sustainable fuel and development of climate-friendly technologies.