Kerry Logistics Transport Sealions to China

Kerry Logistics Transport Sea lions to China

Kerry Logistics, the third-party logistics, freight services, warehouse operations, and supply chain solutions provider, recently transported two Sea lions from the United Kingdom to a new home in China at the Hainan Ocean Paradise theme park, Sanya, Hainan Island.

Kerry Logistics worked in conjunction with Kerry EAS Logistics based in Hainan to ensure a swift transhipment of Merlin and Reggie, which resulted in them settling into their new home within two hours of landing.

Kerry Logistics UK Air Division, General Manager, David Mallinson said, “Naturally, the welfare of the animals was of paramount importance, this was considered at every part of our process in airfreighting the creatures to Sanya.”

Reggie, the Sea lion from the UK theme park, Flamingo Land in Malton, North Yorkshire, UK and Merlin, from Brightlingsea in Essex, underwent the appropriate and mandatory veterinary and quarantine controls and then were transported to London Heathrow via dedicated, temperature-controlled vehicles.

Mr. Mallinson commented, “Transhipment via any other European or Chinese airports was not in the animal’s interest, so we opted for a direct service, and the choice of aircraft (Airbus A330 – 200) that gave the guarantee of the hold temperature being regulated between two and eight degrees centigrade.”

Kerry completed all the necessary documentation in a speedy and efficient manner and after clearance from customs the Sea lions were sent directly to the aircraft side and loaded for the 11 hours and 40 minutes flight.

Mr. Mallinson added,  “Prior to shipment, Kerry Logistics was instrumental in ensuring that all documentation was in good order.

“This included ensuring all of the documentation was correct; Quarantine Certificates, European Health Certificates, Certificates of Origin, Live Animal Packing Declaration and Import Permit for China.

“Our team showed great flexibility and understanding in planning and executing this shipment.

“We look forward to receiving similar requests.”