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DHL Supply Chain Thailand Launches New Solutions to Capture E-commerce Opportunities

DHL Supply Chain is growing the e-commerce ecosystem in Thailand to deliver results for their customers. The rapid growth of e-commerce in Asia Pacific calls for innovative solutions and offerings that are optimized for customers which require seamless and cohesive operations.

Research conducted by DHL’s global team has identified that customers in Asia Pacific, including Thailand, expect industry-leading solutions from their 3PL (third-party logistics) partners and the top three criteria to select a logistics provider are the deployment of technology innovation and analytics, effective peak/scalability capacity and flexibility in its distribution network.

Kevin Burrell, CEO, DHL Supply Chain Thailand Cluster (Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and Myanmar), said, “DHL has always been a leader when it comes to innovative logistics solutions, and we are ever-ready to deliver, above and beyond, for all our customers to capitalize on the booming e-commerce market. The diversity of the APAC region brings with it many challenges and as the demand for e-commerce surges, it is imperative that we anticipate the needs of our customers to help them succeed. Our best-in-class solutions including our vehicle-based devices, IT systems and E-fulfilment Center with robust processes, certified staff, warehouse and transport solutions, will ensure our customers can easily outsource their 3PL needs to focus on their core business.”

Mr. Kevin Burrell

According to the Ministry of Digital Economy and Society, Thailand’s e-commerce industry recorded the biggest growth rate at 14% among the ASEAN countries in 2018. The value of Thai e-commerce is expected to increase to USD 103 billion, translating to an expected growth rate of approximately 20% this year. This trend is further boosted by confidence in e-payment channels, and an increase in online e-commerce platforms, to cater to a growing number of Internet users in Thailand which has grown four times in the last decade. The continued expansion of e-commerce businesses has created demand for greater efficiency in delivery and logistics services, bringing significant changes to the supply chain and logistics operations in Thailand.

To ensure customers can utilize world-class logistics solutions, DHL says they are continually evolving its operations and services through innovation led processes in both warehouse and transport operations. DHL’s e-Fulfillment Center, transport solutions, value added services, and continued logistics innovations are all key elements that allow customers to conduct successful e-commerce businesses through essential supply chain support, knowledge and experience.