About Us

AIRFREIGHT LOGISTICS is the air cargo professional’s leading provider of timely news updates, in-depth feature stories and on-the-ground coverage of the industry in Asia. With nuanced content that can’t be found anywhere else, AFL helps our readers keep air cargo moving forward.

Airfreight Logistics gives you:

  • News on the latest moves shaking up the air cargo industry today
  • Exclusive interviews with industry leaders on issues that matter to you
  • Local-level insights into key developments in Southeast Asian, Intra-Asian and Asian-global trade

All of AFL’s content is available in English and Thai on our website, which is easily accessed via desktop, mobile or tablet. The print magazine, published in Thai language, is available by subscription free of charge to qualified readers in the industry.

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About TLS Media

An inventive content marketing provider with a specialty in logistics.

At TLS Media, we know content. Great content drives your marketing strategy – and your business – forward. With years of experience providing content for the logistics industry, our technical writers and skilled designers have built a reputation for sculpting creative, informed content that draws in readers and tells our clients’ stories with vibrant clarity. No matter what your marketing strategy is, TLS Media will ensure your campaign is more effective than ever before.

TLS Media not only creates professional content but also offers several proven distribution channels through our owned publications: AIRFREIGHT LOGISTICS and LOGISTICS MANAGER.