Now headquartered in New York, U.S., EMO Trans has company-owned branches and exclusive partners around the world, with a presence in 120 countries through 250 offices. It can connect customers to any corner of the world right from their doorstep and is both agile and reliable, offering the personalized service of a privately owned business combined with the robust infrastructure of a multinational leader.

As part of its expansion in Asia, EMO Trans opened a branch office in Bangkok, Thailand, in March 2020 to enhance convenience for local customers and strengthen its foothold in the market. AFL had the pleasure of talking with some of the company’s leaders, including Mr. Marco Rohrer, President & CEO of EMO Trans, Inc., Mr. Thomas J Bayes, Vice President of Asia at EMO Trans, Inc., Mr. Aswin Pansiri, Managing Director of EMO Trans (Thailand), and Mr. Amarit Pansiri, Director of EMO Trans (Thailand), who all shared valuable insights into the benefits the international freight forwarder can offer Thai customers.

 A Global Presence, Bolstered by Local Knowledge

EMO Trans is a privately owned multinational company committed to understanding and internalizing its customers’ needs and objectives. It aims to establish partnerships to provide the most efficient and effective supply chain solutions possible. The company takes pride in its global network of business partners and customers, some of whom have been with it for many years.

Mr. Marco Rohrer, President & CEO of EMO Trans, Inc.

“We have over 100 EMO offices in 24 countries and more than 250 network offices in 120 countries that cover six continents, so we have a strong infrastructure that enables us to provide exceptional logistics services to customers of all sizes,” said Mr. Marco Rohrer, a Swiss-German logistics professional who joined EMO Trans in 1995. His expertise and guidance are now helping the company to expand into new markets while simultaneously maintaining its long-standing partnerships. “Our customers remain with EMO Trans because they understand that in addition to rate tariffs and automated processes, we can add value to their business by building strong relationships.”

The EMO Trans network comprises a highly vetted group of partners with whom the company collaborates to develop products and strategies to deliver reliable and comprehensive services globally. This network also enables EMO Trans to be highly efficient in local operations as it possesses the expertise to expedite the shipment process by leveraging its knowledge of local regulations. Additionally, it has established contacts who can communicate directly about customers’ shipments while in transit, ensuring that the shipment is handled with utmost care and professionalism.

Mr. Thomas J Bayes, Vice President of Asia at EMO Trans, Inc.

Mr. Bayes, an expert in both the U.S. and Asian markets, has been with EMO Trans for over three decades. Since joining the company at its New York office, he has continuously moved up through its ranks and now oversees the operations of thirteen countries in Asia.

He noted, “EMO Trans is an all-encompassing transport company for global logistics solutions, meaning you can rely on our expertise, creativity, and dedication to develop customized logistics solutions and overcome your most challenging cargo obstacles. We see Thailand as an important transhipment hub thanks to its geographical location and its capacity for cargo volume. Thus, opening a branch office here will help strengthen our network and improve services for Thai customers.”

Strong Principles for Successful Logistics

As a family-owned business, EMO Trans holds firm to its core values and ethics as it expands, striving to preserve the same principles that have guided it since its founding. One such value is its prioritization of financial stability, ensuring that its customers’ cargo and employees’ jobs are never at risk due to poor financial planning or reckless decisions. The company’s structure also allows the CEO to form long-term strategies rather than focusing on short-sighted goals to achieve quick quarterly success, as it believes this methodology will ultimately prove more reliable and prosperous.

“Success through performance is not only a principle we abide by but also a reliable approach we follow. We continuously invest in our company and focus on meeting our customers’ needs, which has brought us to the present and will continue to lead us into the future,” noted Mr. Rohrer.

The company perceives itself as a capable ally for small and medium enterprises, owing to its adaptable organizational structure, and a significant number of its current clients have been part of its regular customer base for over two decades. However, it also works with a handful of Fortune 500 companies, meaning it can scale up its services to fit world-leading businesses when needed.

Mr. Aswin Pansiri, Managing Director of EMO Trans (Thailand)

Mr. Aswin Pansiri, the current MD of EMO Trans (Thailand), grew up in a logistics family. His father, Mr. Amarit Pansiri, formed his own freight forwarding company several decades ago, eventually becoming a valuable partner to EMO Trans. As a result, Mr Aswin. has a deep understanding of how to best manage his team and find solutions that have a positive impact.

“Collaboration is vital to our success as a team; we trust our employees and encourage them to work together, providing them with the necessary resources to achieve their goals. Our positive work environment promotes employee retention, and we value their loyalty by treating everyone with respect and dignity,” said Mr. Aswin.

Reliable and Attentive Customer Service

EMO Trans is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service and support. Its staff takes the time to understand each customer’s business and works with them to achieve their goals by utilizing the company’s network. Moreover, its flat management structure means employees are authorized to handle customer problems at a local level, with oversight from middle management that extends throughout the organization. This allows the local branches to respond dynamically and independently to meet each customer’s needs.

“We take pride in our above-average customer retention rates, which attest to the quality of our services and the calibre of our employees,” said Mr Rohrer. “We see ourselves as an extension of our customers’ businesses, and EMO Trans is committed to going above and beyond, providing support every step of the way.”

Another reason EMO Trans continues to have high retention rates is by ensuring that customer concerns are handled promptly by a dedicated service agent. Having a real person to talk to bolsters confidence in its logistics solutions and helps EMO Trans maintain long-lasting, mutually beneficial business relationships.

Tailored Global Logistics Supported By Cutting-Edge Technology

EMO Trans believes that tailored solutions fit better, so it uses its vast knowledge and experience to customize its services to meet its customers’ needs and requirements.

Mr. Amarit Pansiri, Director of EMO Trans (Thailand)

Mr. Amarit, a seasoned logistics professional who has helped EMO Trans solidify its presence in Thailand, noted, “Our personalized approach to logistics can make a significant difference in our customers’ delivery processes. Our sales and customer service teams will ask you many questions to better understand how you conduct your business. This inquisitive nature also extends to our operations team, and they ensure that all our network partners share this mindset.”

EMO Trans’ customers not only appreciate the way the company handles their freight but also take advantage of how it manages and processes their data. The company can work with customers to create and implement effective business strategies while accommodating customer service staff, which can help explore new possibilities.

“It is essential for businesses to keep up with the constantly evolving business landscape that has witnessed numerous technological advancements. Neglecting to do so can leave companies far behind and hinder their ability to stay competitive,” explained Mr. Rohrer.

“Our company is fully dedicated to investing in new technologies that can enhance our business processes and improve the quality of service we provide. We aim to offer you everything you need to gain a competitive edge, from our web portal to our mobile capabilities, reporting, and Track & Trace system,” he continued.

Through its extensive network, backed by knowledgeable and supportive service staff and highly sophisticated data-driven solutions, EMO Trans can operate globally while its local offices and partners give it the coverage it needs to provide flexible and expedited services when required.

Mrs. Natthiya Sancum, Country Manager of EMO Trans (Thailand)

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