Maersk partners with Cozero to enhance Emission Visibility


The integrated logistics company A.P. Moller – Maersk (Maersk) and the Berlin-based start-up Cozero are pleased to announce a partnership to develop analytics tools to improve Green House Gas (GHG) emissions visibility for international parcel deliveries in Europe. Since entering the European E-Commerce logistics sector in 2021 with the acquisition of B2C Europe, Maersk has delivered millions of international parcels for European online sellers. However, due to a higher supply chain complexity, international parcels usually have a larger GHG footprint than domestic parcels.

“Our platform was developed to make emissions data in complex structures transparent, to understand them and, on this basis, to reduce the GHG footprint of companies and their value chain. We are delighted that Maersk has chosen to work with Cozero for this very reason,” said Helen Tacke, CEO of Cozero.

Maersk’s goal is to be a net zero business across all scopes by 2040, with ambitious near-term targets for 2030 in all its business segments, from ocean and air to landside logistics. Emission visibility across the whole transport chain is a core prerequisite to reaching these targets with our customers.

Selected Maersk E-Delivery customers in Europe can register for the new tool from February 2023 to trace and analyse the emissions of their international parcels. To do so, detailed information on every parcel, including weight, routing, and vehicle used to transport it in every leg of the cross-border delivery, will be processed according to the globally recognised standards of the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Protocol. As a result, accurate emissions data and valuable insights will be visualised simply and intuitively, making it easier to identify the main emissions contributors and take the needed actions to reduce them.

Maersk has already successfully tested Cozero’s platform with its first customers. The pilot offering will now be rolled out to more E-commerce clients. The project is key to Maersk’s strategy of providing end-to-end customer visibility. It will eventually be integrated into Maersk’s existing Emissions Dashboard, providing it with a new parcel delivery emissions module. Since 2021, Maersk has developed the Emissions Dashboard to provide a one-stop-shop to consolidate emissions data across all carriers and transport modes. In addition, it is accredited by Smart Freight Centre (SFC) with an industry-leading calculation methodology that complies with the Global Logistics Emissions Council (GLEC) framework.

“Our customers in the international e-commerce industry by design have large gaps in their GHG footprint visibility due to the high number of parties involved in the first, middle and last-mile delivery process,” said Christian Grosse, Maersk E-Delivery Chief Product Officer in Europe. “This makes optimising emissions a challenge for them. With Cozero’s technology, we can provide our customers with detailed information on their emissions on every step and component of their international parcels’ journey. This will help them to make smart choices and significantly reduce their GHG footprint.”

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